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Meet the team

Chris TraversProduction Director

Co-owner of Collins & Darwell, Chris has been part of the family business for 26 years. He has worked in every department from the shop floor to the office so can cover most jobs should the need arise, meaning that he will never ask anyone to do something he wouldn’t do himself. Chris makes sure that all work is done on time to the customer’s specifications and will willingly pitch in to make that happen. He’s always looking for new products and services to offer so The Print & Copy Shop @ Collins & Darwell was his brain child. All this problem solving and thinking is probably why ‘Trav’ needs so much brain food and constantly grazes throughout the working day – though he’s yet to find the kettle. Chris burns off his excess energy running, playing golf and weight training. He’s also Social Secretary at Leigh Rugby Union Club and a big Leigh Centurions fan. However, if you want to see his softer side, just ask him about Purdy his dog who he describes as a princess and the apple of his eye…

Nicola WestwellDirector

Co-owner of Collins & Darwell, Nic joined the family business 15 years ago when she and brother, Chris took over from their dad. Nic reckons her job title should be ‘A Bit Of Everything’ but she particularly deals with Human Resources, sales, account management and marketing. It’s a good job she’s so organized. She’s also good at working with and motivating others and knows the value of teamwork. Like Chris, Nic’s a proud Leyther so after attending a business event in Wigan she decided to organise a Leigh Expo to encourage local companies to network and build business partnerships. The first event exceeded all expectations with more than 70 stalls and over 500 visitors attending. However, this means that she now has to organise one every year and has become a key figure in the economic regeneration of the town. Despite all this she has yet to find a diet that actually works.

Robert MasonOffice Manager

Robert has more than earned the title of Office Manager after working for the company for 42 years. He credits his success to his qualifications from the University of Life. His main job responsibilities are liaising with customers, producing quotations, processing orders, purchasing materials and answering any quiz questions that arise. He likes to see a print order through from start to finish but you can count on one hand the number of times he has brewed up. He is a regular church goer and a Leigh Centurions season ticket holder and also enjoys listening to and watching music. He has met Kate Bush and Suzanne Vega and whilst at Leigh Grammar School was in the same form as Matt Aitken of Stock, Aitken & Waterman and a year below Pete Shelley who went on to form The Buzzcocks. He tries not to brag about this.

Wendy HamerAccounts

Wendy has worked in the Accounts Department for 11 years putting her qualification in Business & Finance to good use along with her excellent listening and communication skills. She fully understands the hectic world of business and could put the UN to shame with her negotiating skills. But be warned that her nickname is ‘The Rottweiler’ because she’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to chasing bad debts. She also keeps a close eye on Chris when it comes to spending the company’s money. Not surprisingly, her hobbies are Bootcamp and Circuit Training though she does also admit to a spot of wine tasting. Only to check its value for money, obviously.