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  • 1891

    Thomas William Collins & William Darwell go into partnership

    Thomas William Collins (b.1867) a labourer’s son from Worcestershire, and William Darwell (b.1862) a gardener’s son from Westleigh meet when they have both finished their printers apprenticeships and are working for the Leigh Chronicle. They decide to go into business together in premises on the corner of Union Street and Lord Street.

  • 1902

    The business expands

    Collins and Darwell take out a 7 year lease on the former Offices & Warehouse of the Bond Street Brewery, in Hope Street, Leigh and the rooms adjoining the Crown Hotel opposite which were linked by an overhead walkway across the road, very convenient for transporting paper in wet weather.

  • 1907

    Limited Company

    Collins and Darwell become a limited company, under the 1907 Limited Partnerships Act.

  • 1932

    End of an era

    Collins and Darwell decide to retire and sell the business. Sadly, William Darwell dies later that year whilst J. W. Collins retires to Evesham to live in the house he inherited from his father.

  • 1948

    New beginnings

    John Raymond ‘Jack’ Travers and nine other local businessmen buy the company.

  • 1964

    Family Firm

    John Raymond ‘Jack’ Travers buys out the last partner to become sole owner of what is now a family business.

  • 1971

    Moving on

    ‘Jack’ Travers buys the building next door and uses the old one as storage.

  • 2016